Dry, sensitive skin ? Constantly rubbing tail and mane in summer.... sweet itch? Summer eczema?

Dry, scaly skin? Constant rubbing tendencies? Scoured mane and tail? Sweet itch? Summer eczema? Bald spots on rump, belly seam or in the face? Stress and anxiety for insect flight?

Find out on our website about our skin care products, or call us. We carry skin care products for horses with very dry, scaly skin and rubbing tendencies, as well as products for the care of stressed skin.

Call us, we would like to support you personally!

If you own a horse with special problems, such as Summer eczema, you can use our free advice service. Through our own experience and through countless interviews with horse owners, we know about the problems of an affected horse and the problems how to take care the right way. Together, we can detect problems in feeding and posture, find variations and we will accompany you through the summer.

Your Ute Reher and the team of Wiemerskamper